Create a Transaction (Canopy UL)

UL transactions

How to Upload using Canopy UL transactions?

1. Login to Engine

2. Click on Data Upload on the left panel to come to the "Canopy UL File Upload" page

3. Click on Download Templates to download an excel sheet, "CreateTransaction.xlsx"

4. Fill in the excel sheet as from row 29 onwards (use Transaction Types to help you identify the right type of transaction)

  • Action: CreateTransaction (do not change/modify this command)
  • CcyAccountCode: this can be found under User Accounts, CCY Accounts. Choose your account you wanna key this list of transactions into and then Apply Filter. Choose the CCY Account Code from the filtered list that appears.)
  • Trade Date, Value date, Narration and amount: as per the bank statement
  • Trasaction Type: Choose from the table at the top of the excel sheet. Ensure it matches the Tag (Column G)
  • Ticker, quantity, price and dirty price: refer to table 1 to see if the mandatory. If not, leave blank.
  • Hashtags: its automated, ensure the formula is copied down for all the transactions keyed in. Do not update it yourself. 

5. Once done, save it and go back to the engine. Click on Choose file and click send.

6. It will auto download an excel file to inform you of all the successful / unsuccessful transactions and the issues if unsuccessful. These will appear under the Download Result File as number of CreateTransaction (1/1) parsed

7. If all successful, Click the hyperlink "Here" button as shown above which will bring you to a Pre-Upload data page.

Click Continue if there are no errors and then Click Upload. If there are errors, please find what errors these are here, Once fiixed, click Save Changes before proceeding with Continue. 

8. Run/re-run NAV to update Visualizer 

9.. Your data will be ready for your viewing.

Video Guide for Using Canopy UL on Creating Transactions 

A video tutorial of how to use Canopy UL to upload your transactions.